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Bronx News Writes About
Bronx Mall!

The Gettysburg Address, It's Not

March 21, 2004

The South Bronx Board of Trade Honors
Barbara Tallerman

The I Word - The Bronx Mall Businesswoman of The Year
At their Annual Awards  Dinner November 15, 2002

Topics will include the new, on-line community board page & official announcement of this year's inductees to Bronx Walk of Fame


July 11, 2002...NY1's Rita Nissan reports on the creators of Bronxmall.com,
a directory of the borough's community events and local businesses

Barbara Tallerman...Nov. 4-8, 2002
on a web site for Community Board 11:

All the different business districts and merchants associations were helpful in providing information from their area. The problem is keeping it up to date We want to encourage the business people to go to the web site, find out if their store or service is online, and if not, to get in touch with Community Board 11 as we'll be updating this continuously. We've been trying to show the community how to use the computer and the web to enhance their marketing efforts in many different ways. Instead of going to the Yellow Pages, more people are looking online. This doesn't replace any other form of advertising, but it certainly has to be added at this time.

CB#11 Unveils Web Venture
October 31, 2002

Students Can Publish on Bronx Website
April 30, 1998

Bronxites can Travel Through Cyberspace 
on the Bronx Mall
December 19, 1996

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